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Ronald E. Missun, Ph.D.

Ron Missun

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Dr. Ronald Missun is a senior labor economist with Vocational Economics, Inc., received his doctorate from the University of Illinois. Over the last fifteen years, Dr. Missun has provided forensic economic testimony in a variety of cases involving total and permanent partial disability as well as employment related matters, such as alleged wrongful termination. He previously taught at Illinois Wesleyan University as well as the University of Illinois and received teaching honors from both his peers and his students.

Dr. Missun has extensive experience in cases involving workers in the construction trades. In these cases, detailed analyses of lost wages, health coverage, pension, and/or Social Security benefits resulting from injury are often at issue.

Dr. Missun is a frequent speaker to attorneys, insurance adjusters, and other experts on worklife and employment issues. Dr. Missun has conducted and presented research regarding lifetime workplace transitions of persons with and without work disabilities.

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