David Gibson, MBA, MRC

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David Gibson

Dave Gibson is a Senior Analyst for Vocational Economics, Inc. Mr. Gibson provides expert testimony in the areas of lost earnings due to death, disability, or loss of employment, as well as commercial damages, business valuation, and analyses of complex financial issues. He has provided testimony in both state and federal courts in more than twenty states and one hundred jurisdictions.

Mr. Gibson has researched, written, and presented extensively on the impact of disability on earnings and worklife expectancy using several noted studies. His published work includes The Gamboa Gibson Worklife Tables, formerly The New Worklife Expectancy Tables and Daubert, Disability, and Worklife Expectancy. Mr. Gibson’s work with the American Community Survey has included detailed examination of the impact of disabilities on earnings and employment.

Mr. Gibson has more than 35 years of experience, including several as a financial executive with several major corporations and more than 20 as an expert witness. He coordinates Vocational Economics’ analysis methodology and expert testimony services and leads the company’s development of new statistical and demographic data for use in its forensic databases. Mr. Gibson has an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago, a Masters of Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Kentucky, and a Baccalaureate degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois in Urbana. Training in these diverse disciplines makes him uniquely qualified to assess the impact of disability on expected lifetime earnings.