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VEI's methodology draws from a variety of authoritative sources, which can be summarized in the following categories. Follow the links below to listings of peer-reviewed articles, government research, and key court decisions that form the building blocks for our methodology. Where possible, links allow the user to download the actual publication.

  • American Community Survey (ACS) -
    Lists articles related to the ACS
  • Earnings Averages -
    Lists articles supporting use of Current Population Survey data for studying average earnings rates
  • Education Earnings -
    Lists articles supporting an earnings differential for varying educational levels
  • Offset -
    Lists articles supporting use of a pure offset in calculation of present value of lost earnings
  • Proxy Use -
    Lists articles supporting use of a proxy in estimating earning capacity
  • Worklife Expectancy -
    Lists articles relating to worklife expectancies - either specifically to The New Worklife Expectancy Tables, or to the related data or methodology

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