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Lost Earnings - FELA / Jones Act


Railroad workers under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA), and maritime workers under the Jones Act, require specialized analyses that are distinct from the reviews performed for a typical permanent disability or wrongful death analysis.  In many aspects, from the economic damages standpoint, these acts take what would be workman's compensation claims for most jobs, and move them into the personal injury arena.  In this vein the analysis is similar to that done for a typical  Permanent Disability or Wrongful Death case.

However, these unions have very specific and significant benefit packages that must be accounted for in valuing the pre-incident earning capacity.  Vocational Economics has extensive experience in FELA and Jones act cases to assure this valuation meets with current benefits.

Finally, as federal cases, these analyses must be presented in terms that are net of the impact of federal and state income taxes.  Vocational Economics recognizes the impact of taxes not only on earnings, but on the interest earned on any lump sum award.





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