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Life Care Planning and Other Analyses

A full life care plan is an individualized plan that identifies long-term care needs for a person with a catastrophic injury or disability.  The completed plan may include multiple components in the following categories:

  • Medical Care - Almost all persons in need of a life care plan require ongoing specialized medical treatment and physician follow-up.
  • Diagnostics - In addition to the physician visits, procedures such as x-rays, CT scans, lab tests, and MRI's are usually required.
  • Hospitalizations - Many conditions necessitate future surgeries or other treatments that require hospitalization.
  • Therapy - Physical, speech, occupational, and cognitive therapy are frequent needs of a person with a catastrophic disability.
  • Transportation  - Specialized vans or a transportation service are a necessity for most wheelchair-bound persons.
  • Home Assistance - When a person with catastrophic disabilities is able to remain in his or her home, the family will often need in-home assistance or need to place their loved one in a supervised facility during work hours or vacation periods.
  • Institutional Care - Many persons with catastrophic disabilities require immediate institutional care.  Even when the person is able to return home after the accident, he or she may eventually need institutional care as the caretakers age.
  • Supplies - Countless individually inexpensive commodities must be projected, including latex gloves, diapers, catheters, etc.  When extended over the individual's life expectancy, the cost becomes significant.
  • Other - Home modifications, specialized equipment, medication - the list goes on, with each case having different needs.

Targeted, Individualized Reports

Vocational Economics' life care plans are developed by experienced rehabilitation specialists who assess the individual's current status and medical history through interviews and records. Our specialists individualize each case by interviewing the health care providers in the injured person's locality and determining the costs specific to that area.  The specialist then synthesizes the information and identifies the services and items required to prevent further complications, treat existing conditions, maximize functional potential, create a safe environment, and enhance quality of life.

For each item, we identify the current cost and necessary frequency over the individual's lifespan.  The final report can be combined with an economic analysis to translate these values into present value for a complete review of the individual's long term financial needs. 

Two sample plans are available.  These were completed by Vocational Economics' life care planners and address the needs associated with stroke and with spinal cord injury.


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