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Mass Tort / Class Action

The Vocational Economics´ team approach allows us to tailor our expertise and our approach to meet the specific needs of mass tort and class action analyses. We can perform authoritative analysis either on representative individual cases and extrapolate to the class or design statistical models for a comprehensive analysis that provides economies of scale in billing as well as the additional assurance of increased depth of analysis and accuracy.

Vocational Economics has been involved in several such cases, as shown by the examples listed below:

  • Determination of lost wages and fringe benefits (especially pension) for more than 250 individuals downsized from a major industrial plant due to alleged age discrimination
  • Determination of impact on earnings and benefits for pilots of a major airline from a merger that changed their seniority standing, and thus, their rate of career advancement
  • Determination of lost wages, future medical care costs, and psychological damages for a community allegedly affected by toxic waste dumping
  • Statistical testing to determine age and FMLA discrimination in connection with plant lay-offs and quantification of the related lost wages
  • Statistical testing to determine the existence of age discrimination in layoffs connected with a manufacturing plant relocation

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