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As indicated by our company name, Vocational Economics, Inc. was a pioneer in blending two areas of expertise critical to the evaluation of lifetime loss of earning capacity:  vocational rehabilitation and economics.  In cases of permanent disability, a vocational rehabilitation expert is often needed to evaluate the impact of a work disability on the plaintiff's ability to work and earn money.  This evaluation is then translated into the present value of the plaintiff's lifetime loss (if any) using economic theory.  Use of two different experts from two different companies to provide these analyses is ripe for confusion, and places the burden on the hiring attorney to make sure both experts are speaking the same language.

At Vocational Economics, we perform both analyses under one roof and render a single, synthesized report to assure clear communication of our expert opinions.  The road to accomplish this option can take one of many routes, best matched to the needs of the hiring attorney and the specifics of the case:

  • Combined Analysis by a Single Expert - Many of our experts are cross-trained in both the vocational and economic aspects of the impact of work disability on lifetime earnings.  Use of a single expert greatly simplifies the testimony at trial, as well as the efforts of the hiring attorney in coordinating deposition and trial schedules.
  • Combined Analysis by Two Experts - Some attorneys prefer to maintain the traditional segregation of duties, keeping two experts for lost earning capacity.  Since Vocational Economics employs experts from multiple disciplines, we are able to accommodate this preference, while maintaining the benefits of a single, synthesized analysis.
  • Vocational  or Economic Analysis Only - Finally, many attorneys have existing relationships with other economic or vocational experts, and need only to hire an expert of the other discipline.  Vocational Economics is happy to accommodate these needs also, adjusting our analysis to concentrate on a single discipline.

Within this web site are other pages related to a typical Vocational Economic Analysis:

  • For a detailed background on a typical analysis see our Vocational Economic Rationale, which is a standard part of all of these analyses.
  • See our Experts page for more information on the experts available for these analyses.

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