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Vocational Economics, Inc. is in its thirtieth year of service to the legal community in California. Our offices are located in Los Angeles and Woodland Hills.

VEI has a team of experts that handle the vocational and economic analysis of earning capacity. For cases of catastrophic injury, our life care planners are available to estimate future medical care costs.

If you have a case you wish to discuss with an expert, please complete the case inquiry form and one of our experts will be happy to contact you to discuss your case.


Vocational Economic Analyst

Enrique Vega

Vocational Analyst

Jacquelyn Vega Velez

Vocational Economic Analyst and Labor Economist

Dr. Paul Thomas

Vocational Economic Analyst

Phillip D. Sidlow

Senior Life Care Planner

Laura Lampton

Vocational Analyst

Chris Reyes

Case Inquiry

Do you represent a client that has sustained a permanent impairment.  Whether your client has a permanent partial or total disability and whether they are able to return to work, depending on the nature and extent of the work difficulties sustained, there may be a loss.  The issue before the courts, loss of earning capacity, addresses lifetime compensation and worklife expectancy.  Our experts are available to answer any question you may have about your case.  We invite you to complete the case inquiry form and one of our experts will make contact with you.

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